Pitfalls for Multidisciplinary Teams

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There are many reasons why an individual human services professional or a helping team might hesitate to follow the five steps of the multidisciplinary approach and go straight to solving the problem. The passion to help can generate energy and enthusiasm to reach the final outcome thus making it easy to be carried away, even to lose focus. When the multidisciplinary process is followed, the team is providing effective and meaningful solutions leading to a much more powerful form of helping. When the multidisciplinary approach is not followed, hasty outcomes and solutions can be misdirected or ineffective as the problem is never truly addressed.

Helping professionals and helping teams need to be aware of the pitfalls that may interfere with this effectiveness. Some of the most common pitfalls include:

  • Moving too quickly.
  • Assuming that everyone thinks the way you do.
  • Fearing (and therefore avoiding) potential conflicts.
  • Wanting to be right.
  • Failing to understand and identify the true problem.

Based on the readings in this course so far, and what you observed in the Riverbend City: Multidisciplinary Approach Demonstration Mission, focus on approaches and behaviors that you think have the greatest chance to prevent you or a team from being sidetracked. For your initial post in this discussion, analyze and explain your thoughts about the pitfalls that are present when working to apply all five steps of the multidisciplinary approach. In your post include the following:

  • What do you feel is the most important pitfall to recognize and why? What impact does this pitfall have on the process?
  • Based on your understanding of yourself, where do you see your biggest challenge? How will you go about addressing this challenge?
  • Describe an example you have observed of a pitfall in action. What was the outcome and what impact did this pitfall have?

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