Read the case study and address the questions

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Read the case study and address the questions. Your responses must be well thought-out and display a high level of critical thinking. Correct grammar and spelling are required.

Case scenario

The director of the health information management department has the opportunity to hire a new coder who, based on an exam the coder has taken, has excellent coding skills. However, the director learns that the prospective employee is deaf. The coder communicates using sign language and at times has an interpreter with her. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 provides that disabled employees must be able to perform the necessary functions of a job with “reasonable accommodations.”

Address these questions:

1. Based on what you know of the law, would you hire the coder?

2. If the coder asked that an interpreter be available, do you think that is a reasonable accommodation and if not, why not?

Prepare your work in a Word document and copy and paste the information into the appropriate submission area on the assignment link.

Additional information related to the ADA and hiring of Deaf or Hearing Impaired individuals in the workplace can be found at

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