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Question: From the list of primary sources below select two sources
that you feel offer compelling examples of how a particular aspect of social
identity (for ex. Gender, caste, social class, religious identity or
national/imperial identity) changed during the colonial period (1757-1947). Use
the two sources you select to compare and contrast the historical changes you
identity. Answer the following prompt—What kind of historical change
in identity do the two sources represent? How does each author use their work
to connect to their target audience?

Clive’s speech…

Edmund Burke’s speech…

Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan’s The Causes of
the Indian Revolt

Tarabai Shinde’s “A Comparison of Men
and Women,”

Ramabai Ranade’s Memoirs of Our Life

M. K. Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj

Instructions: Formulate a clear analytical thesis that responds to the
question posed above. Make sure you have sufficient evidence from the primary
sources you select to back up your argument and begin my explaining WHAT form
of social identity your paper will explore and specifies the types of
historical changes it will examine. You may use secondary sources to contextualize
your claims, but the bulk of your citations should be for primary sources. Try
to use only class texts to do this assignment.


Papers will be short 5 page papers, double spaced, one inch
margins. You may use parenthetical citation in these shorter papers: for
example (Sarkar 24).

Make sure that
these short papers are analytical and express your own views, rather than
summarizing the original text, or offer weak personal reactions not backed up
by evidence from the text. In other words, I am asking for an informed analysis
of the readings, not descriptive summaries or emotional reactions. Even if you
agree 100% with an author, you need to explain why that argument is
well-structured, or convincing, or provide the historical/social context for
it. In the case of primary documents
make sure that you contextualize that document historically.

Must have citations and relate to class reading!!

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