what i need is on the description so please read careful before you do it

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The individual project Topic: Future role of unions in Supply Chain Management

The individual project grading rubric includes eight subsets: substance, organization, presentation, cognitive progression of ideas, ability to communicate, timeliness of examples, logical support for conclusions and cited research materials verification,

Please note these basic project rules. You determine the title and content of your research. The project paper must be submitted in MS Word format, with a MINIMUM of four or more discussion pages (discussion body) plus title and reference pages. Use single line spacing (blank lines only after paragraphs) and twelve-point Times Roman font. Margins for page setup are one inch on all four sides. Less than the minimum four discussion pages will result in a significant loss of point value. Independent of content, the failure or ignorance of this basic formatting and length of the project paper will graded no higher than a 99 of 125 possible points, which is a C+. Not helpful!

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