Write you own Opera Scene

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1. Choose a story or poem from your own writing or a pereexistnat work of interest, giving credit to the author or source. Create 2-4 main Characters that will sing in the piece.

2. LIBRETTO: From your choice into 3 or 4 verses or stanzas. Label the lines of the text with the characters’ name.They form the beginning, middle and end of the mini drama.


Choose a) style of the music, b) march vocal ranges and/ or vocal types that represent the characters in your opera with specific vocal types. You may assign a known singer of your choice to the voice of your character.

4. ORCHESTRA: List the type of instrumental orchestra or ensemble: which instruments and how many of each. You may choose a non-traditional group along with any style of music or have the symphony orchestra play orchestrations of rock, reggae or any musical style. You may also choose the normal group a for a particular musical style or combine ensembles within a greater allotment of intrsuetmnal forces.

5. COSTUMES: Decreibe the costumes of the singers, their overall style. Remember you create the look.

6. SCENERY: Decreibe the setting in terms of time, place and what you want the visual to be on stage and how the characters will move around.

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