411 Week 2 Response Question 1

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Directions: Please read the response below and write a 100 word response to what you have read.

I would not sign the tax return, Dulce’s Tax form.

The reason is that the tax law demands the entire sum of the alimony acquired to be income report to be claimed by the alimony recipient to claim it on their taxes.

This means that Ducle must include it in her tax return form. However, in this situation, Dominic already deducted the alimony amount. As a consequence, Dulce must also have it on her tax return as well.

Biblical scripture discuss love, for contexts 1 Peter 4:8 reads “Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins.” This verse means that all humans sin, but it is through love in which humans can prevail. Love and forgiveness is a recurring theme in the Bible. Many people can benefit from implementing such principles into their lives. Lying is a sin and is one of the ten commandments. Lying promotes dishonest thoughts and actions, which diminishes trust among individuals. Biblical principle safeguards against sinful actions by supporting truthful representation among people. Angry can cloud a person judgment, and such emotions can draw people away from faith and reduce mortality. jo


Peter 4:8- Holy Bible

Whittenburg, Gerald E.; Gill, Steven; Altus-Buller, Martha. Income Tax Fundamentals 2017 (Page 2-10 ).

Topic Number 452 – Alimony Tax Treatment of Alimony https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc452

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