​Appropriateness of Communication

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Appropriateness of Communication

Most organizations use some form of controlled, unmediated communication to communicate directly with key stakeholders, even if only in unusual situations. Today’s electronic media make such communication much simpler; with such tools as e-mail, blogs, or Twitter, even small organizations find ways to circumvent traditional media gatekeepers to control both the content and the delivery timing of some messages.

Thus, when communicating financial information, there are a variety of options, and each option suits audiences differently. What might you need to keep in mind when using various types of media to communicate financial information to different audiences? What are the possible implications of different types of communications? How might communications regulations contribute to these considerations and implications?

Evaluate the appropriateness of communication platforms and styles to audiences. You will also compare strategies related to how and when to differentiate between internal and external communications.

To prepare:

  • Recall experiences within your own organization, or an organization with which you are familiar, that required controlled communications, especially to relay pertinent or sensitive financial information. Reflect on whether their efforts were effective or if they caused more questions than answers.
  • Consider how you would determine the appropriate platform and strategies for communicating financial information to various stakeholders (for example, communicating financial information to external stakeholders like banks or lending institutions on quarterly financial results versus how to communicate that information internally).
  • Consider the importance of differentiating between internal and external communications.

In a one page summary answer the following questions:

  • What communication platforms would you recommend to communicate financial information appropriately to internal and external audiences?
  • Which styles do you believe would be most effective, in general, in internal communications? In external communications? Why?
  • Why must external communications be treated differently than internal communications?
  • Why must organizations remain careful, even when distributing internal communications?

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