Body Image: Multi-part Project (14 page Paper, Powerpoint, Oral presentation transcript)

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Make sure to address who the stakeholders are (pastor, school board, director, club, leader, etc.)

Will provide a 4 week time frame (however, the option will only give me to 28 days, but I will extend if necessary).

If each deadline for each part is met on time, I will provide a tip. Please, make sure you can meet this deadline for Parts 1-4.

PLEASE, make sure you cite the required amount of sources (see directions below), and that the page numbers are cited.

See attached directions below for parts 1-4

Part 1: July 13 (PST)

Part 2: July 20 (PST)

Part 3: July 27 (PST)

Part 4: August 3 (PST)


August 10 (PST)

Create a presentation that discusses the Description, Diagnosis, Prescription, and Application sections of your research paper.

  • The presentation should consist of a title slide, at least two slides related to each section of the research paper, and a references slide.
  • The presentation should have at least ten slides.

Oral Transcript (10 min)

You are to complete an oral presentation of the research paper and related solution to relevant stakeholders in the area of interest, ministry, or the workplace. Examples of stakeholders include a work supervisor or team, a group of peers from a club or other organization, a Sunday School superintendent or board, pastor, director, supervisor, or leader. Transcript should follow along with powerpoint slides.

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