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Description: In a 5-6 minute speech, you’ll communicate the main insights and key takeaways from a business-related blog you’ve spent time reading, interpreting and applying to.your life.


  • Your speech must be organized and reflect your submitted outline as closely as possible
  • You should include the following details in a concise manner:
    • Author information and brief bio
    • Main purpose of the blog and recurring themes
    • Most influential insights
    • Applications to your own life/career
    • Pitch as to why others should read the blog, including statements about who specifically should read it
  • You must justify your reasons for sharing these specific things – that means you should tie the speech together with a larger statement about what the blog is about and it’s practicality/insightfulness
  • Your delivery should be consistent with your personal brand
  • Your slideshow should be:
    • Be easy to read, polished and precise
    • Use pictures with good resolution and limit text to single sentence bullet points
    • Have a clear color scheme
    • Use a simple Font scheme
    • Stylistically reflect your tastes and personality
    • Inside at least 5 direct quotes worked into the speech in a creative effective manner, citing date of post, post title and permalink URL


You’ll be docked points if you:

  • Don’t submit an outline that adheres to the guidelines discussed in class in a clean, professional way
  • You do the bare minimum and don’t design your speech in a personalized, creative way that demonstrates your personal brand and proficiency regarding the blog
  • Leave out any details specified above
  • Show lack of commitment in your delivery

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