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Stephanie Carreras

Film Response


The vision that Thomas Jefferson had for America supported egalitarianism, agriculture and territorial expansion. Jefferson really supported the agricultural society. He was so enthusiastic about the farmers that he worked to expand for more opportunities for them. He also strongly wanted equal rights for all, then writing the Declaration of Independence. James Madison had a vision of liberty and independence for America. Our fifth president, James Monroe, had a vision of expansion. Monroe helped in doubling the planned size of the Louisiana Purchase. He also wrote the Monroe doctrine. It was a declaration that Europeans should keep their hands off America from expansion. These presidents have somewhat similar visions as our current presidency. I feel as though a lot of our recent presidents got their visions from these. Obviously no one wants to have anyone try to expand their land to America which is what they got from Monroe. And most presidents want equality and rights for everyone. They got this from Jefferson. The presidents of our time also had visions of liberty and independence. Although we already have that we still want to keep that. A lot of what the governments visions today is because of the way these three visioned things.

In your reply, do not just simply “agree” or “disagree” with your classmates. In your post explain whyyou agree or disagree. Address the examples they offered to support their perspectives. Can you identify other examples that support their views? Can you identify other examples that challenge their views? You may want to comment of any valuable insights or suggestions that you got from their post, or pose follow up questions for further consideration.

Your “Peer Response” should demonstrate that you have watched the films, or read the textbook and the primary source. Your reply need not address every aspect of the prompt, but it must be relevant to the original discussion prompt and appropriate to the discussion. Your response should be 100 – 150 words. Your ideas should be expressed clearly and concisely. It should be able to stimulate discussion and offer new interpretations of discussion material.

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