Complete Short 1/2 page Outline for Training Project Paper

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The purpose of this Assignment is to help you start writing your Training Project using APA style and Turnitin.


1. In a Word document, create a Title Page for your Training Project in APA style. Be sure you have included the appropriate running head, header, page number, and all of the information required in an APA-style title page (…).

2. On the second page of your Word document, repeat the title of the paper and then, on the next line, use a Level 1 Heading (…) that says “INTRODUCTION”.

3. Prepare a paragraph or two to introduce your training project. OWL Purdue’s website provides these tips for writing an introduction:


  • Introduce your topic and mention the chapter it relates to in your textbook
  • Create interest (think about your audience)
  • Provide necessary background information (the company and the person being interviewed) (interviewing LaTasha Caruthers; HR Project Assistant)
  • Identify your main idea (remember–you are to identify a gap in training that your proposal will address)
  • Preview the rest of your essay (summarize what the rest of the report will discuss) (

4. Proofread and edit your introduction, then submit it in the Assignment dropbox. After it has been submitted, let Turnitin run its originality report, then check the report for unoriginal content. Revise to eliminate the unoriginal content, which means you must put any direct quotations in quotation marks and give credit for any paraphrasing you might have done (…).

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