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Critical Essay Paper: You will research the Luis Jimenez/Martin Memorial Hospital case and write a 5-6 page essay about the challenges faced by the hospital/hospital administration in this matter. Be clear and concise in explaining your arguments and use credible sources. Your essay paper should be written in APA format (Requirements below) and structured to cover the following questions.


1. What is the challenge faced by Martin Memorial Hospital?

2. who’s been affected by this challenge (specific group of persons, organizations, government)? (Clue: Hospital Stakeholders, etc.)

3. What are the implications of this challenge on health care in America?

4. What solutions/alternatives have others proposed to solve this challenge?

5. What ideas do you have to solve this challenge?

Important note:

Must be apa format

The case about the person luis jimenez who hospitalized in martin memorial hospitals

5 or 6 page without cover and ref pages

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