Cross-Cultural Barriers in the Bible and Business Communications

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Read Acts Chapter 11

View the two youtube clips:

In essay format (1200 word minimum), address and cover the following questions and points. Reference the 2 youtube clips (look up how to do this correctly) and any text you use to support your essay.

1. What was Peter tasked with? What difficulties did Peter face?

2. How are Peter’s challenges similar to what you may face in business today?

3. What do you need to do to begin to bridge cultural gaps?

4. What tools and knowledge do you have today that you would offer to Peter to help him accomplish his task?

5. Is there a certain group of people find difficult to fellowship or have trouble conducting business with? Using the course material you have learned so far, how do you overcome those constraints?

6. Close with a real life example of how cross cultural experience you have had, if you do not have a real life example then reference the Tedtalk youtube clip.

7. Add any points that you believe are very important not covered by the questions and points above.

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