ERP Software Analysis: Focus on CRM

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my company is Dell

Revisiting the ERP systems you found previously, evaluate them by the following CRM criteria:

  • E-mail marketing functions:Is it a basic e-mail processor, or will it allow you to use trigger events?
  • Social marketing management: Does it allow you to monitor social mentions? Reply and interact?
  • Sales functions: Does it go beyond the simple processing of orders?
  • Customer service management: What customer service functions does it automate?
  • Metrics: How does it help you assess key performance indicators?

Use the company you chose in Unit 1 as the basis for your evaluation and to provide examples of how each component would be used. What if the systems you chose do not excel in one or more of the above management functions? It may turn out that your system has excellent ERP and SCM functions but is not focused as much on CRM. If this is the case, then build your analysis into a recommendation and be just as explicit. For example, if one system does not have an e-mail marketing function describe the type of e-mail marketing function your company would need. Note that if this system were to be chosen, the company would also have to select a third-party e-mail program or service.

In your final assignment you will select one system based on its ERP, CRM, and SCM strengths and propose its implementation

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