Ethics in the world

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Part 1: Consider your best experience in working for someone who demonstrated the best of ethical behavior.

describe the characteristics of each person from an organizational values approach. In other words, what stated corporate values were modeled or ignored by this person? What effect did it have on the organization?

Note: Do not use real organization or personal names in your post.

Part 2

here are ethical issues staring us in the face every day. So pick one that is of particular interest to you–from the world news or something critical to your community or something from your work or something related to a family member or friend or . . .. . .. . .. and then:

  • describe the issue as an opportunity; try using that “How to ” language I referred to earlier at the beginning of your issue/opportunity Statement,
  • generate some ideas for how to address the opportunity,
  • suggest a “possible solution”.

No matter the seriousness of the topic try to have fun with it. Toss out a couple fanciful ideas if you like. And let your “possible solution” be just the start of a final answer.

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