Food And Service Operations

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Your original post must be at least 200 words in length. It must reference the text or course learning materials at least once. Please note that even if the question asks for an opinion, you are still expected to support opinions with references to course materials and any other credible academic sources to support your opinions. Do not use Internet sources other than those provided in the course materials. APA format is not necessary for your Discussion Board when citing references, but you are required to acknowledge your resources: In the narrative, describe where information was obtained. For example, “As mentioned in Chapter 2 of the course textbook, prioritizing tasks is…” or “As mentioned in the intellipath lesson for Unit 2…”

Assignment Details

You have received a six-figure inheritance from a distant relative’s estate. You have a strong interest in using the inheritance to set yourself up with an independent, nonfranchise hospitality business that has a high probability of success. Research current hospitality trends and projected growth areas for the next few years. Determine the type of hospitality business that would fit your preferences with a high probability of success. Discuss the following:

  • Discuss hospitality and population trends for the area in which you would choose to locate the business.
  • Describe the details relating to concept, staff and management structure, and projected first-year revenues specific to your business, with supporting information for why you believe it would be feasible.
  • Describe the consumer market segment that your business would target, and why.

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