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For this please select a topic. While you may select your own organization/department, keep in mind that this is graduate level work and, as such, does need to be scholarly in nature. Projects need to be unbiased and written in the third person. Consider yourself examining the compensation system as a 3rd party outsider without prior knowledge of the system.

In all cases, the topics should be legitimate and not fictitious. As you consider what topic to select, consider how you will be able to gather information on the topic. Sources should be scholarly in nature and might include journal articles, interviews of professionals, organization documents. Personal experience does not count as a scholarly source – remember, you should be using this project as an opportunity to broaden your perspective.

Post your topic that includes the organization that you will use for the project this term. Also include at least 2 scholarly sources that you plan to use for this assignment.

Please select a topic and a thesis statement about the organization. Thanks

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