I need two articles

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you need to scan the business press and come up with business or Internet articles that discuss

how firms:

a. Harness the power of globalization to outperform competition through innovation and new

product/service/operations development. Each student must lead one discussion at the beginning of a

class period. A score will be given to track the student’s ability to analyze the growing impact of

globalization on local firms and

b. Adapt their management philosophies and approaches to account for cultural diversity in a multi-

national corporation.

c. Utilize emerging technologies such as communication, transportation, manufacturing and general

information technologies to leverage opportunities in the global environment. A score will be given on

their ability to explain how firms can use technology as a source of competitive advantage.

Students are required to submit one article from the business press and/or Internet weekly on

Tuesdays with his/her name clearly stated on the article along with a one-half page description

of the article and what the student learned from reading the article again with his/her name

clearly stated on the summary so that I Know the student actually read the article.

I need two papers, and each 2 pages minimum.

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