Issues Impacting Woman’s Health

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300-500 words please answer all questions thanks

The purpose of
this Assignment is for you to gain an understanding of the
psychosocial needs of vulnerable women populations and issues
impacting culturally competent delivery of women’s
health care.


  1. Select a vulnerable female
    population such as gender identity; domestic
    violence; incarcerated women; immigrant, migrant or refugee women;
    adolescents; or homeless women.
  2. Introduce the group and why you selected it.
  3. Outline
    the relevant group statistics related to the population as well as
    the impact of the group on women’s health.
  4. Analyze the psychosocial needs of the selected group.
  5. Discuss the issues impacting culturally competent care delivery for the group.
  6. Describe
    the associated culturally and ethically competent care methods the
    NP will employ in caring for the population.

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