Managers vs Leaders

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This is a two-part question to be answered seperately. There is no need for a cover page or reference page. Please add in-text references and place all of them at the end of each question.

(1) This question should be answered with a minimum of 300 words and two references. Do you feel all managers are leaders? Explain your answer. Explain why a leader is someone who has managerial authority and can influence others. Explain why leadership identifies a process while leaders identified a person.

(2) This question should be answered in essay form with a minimum of 1,000 words and three references. Please include in-text references in the body of the essay and then add the full reference at the end.

  1. Explain how managers can shape behavior using positive and negative reinforcement.
  2. Discuss how locus of control can help explain individual behavior in organizations.
  3. Explain which theories work best for certain cultures. The discussion should include Maslow’s need hierarchy, the three-needs theory, and the equity theory.
  4. Discuss how emotional intelligence (EI) affects leadership.

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