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Please see attached file that includes the topics.

Overview: College Term Paper or Position Essay

Length: 5 pages

The final assignment for this course is an inquiry-based researched essay. Consider the paper you will write as a result of this assignment to be a composition that fits within the genre of “Term Paper” or a Position Essay. That means that your paper should contend with the course content, themes, and issues we have spent a semester developing and engaging in our class on Zombies in American Popular Culture. Your essay can take up any topic we have discussed so far, including those from the Zombies Studies Terms list that I distributed in class. OR your paper may be a critical analysis of a single work we have studied this semester. This includes any of the films on the syllabus, Zone One, or The Walking Deadcomic book, volume 1.

Your paper must include research on your topic in addition to original analysis and development of your ideas. Make sure to practice the art of persuasion by using rhetorical devices and elegant prose to establish and argue your position.


  • You may use any of the sources your group located for the annotated bibliography assignment.
  • Please confine yourself to scholarly articles or to articles that come from publications that have a strong reputation for research and fact-checking. A person’s blog does not count.
    • Tips:
      • The article should have an author
      • The article should be published in the last five years
      • The article should be published in a publication with an editorial team that edits articles for publication
    • You must include two separate secondary sources in your paper.
    • You may summarize and paraphrase from your sources but you should also include direct quotations when applicable.


  • You must incorporate at least three (3) secondary sources into your argument and one (1) primary source and cite these in your composition
  • Your paper must adhere to MLA formatting criteria and citation guidelines.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12-point font. Double-spaced lines. Include page numbers and a header. Your margins should be one-inch all around. You must include in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
  • The paper must meet the minimum page length requirement by being at least four full pages.
  • Your prose must be polished and your paper should be proofread closely.
  • Each paragraph should include topic and conclusion sentences.
  • Your paper must consist primarily of original analysis. I am interested in your thoughts and arguments.

Audience: Imagine your audience to be your fellow classmates. Therefore, your reader is familiar with zombie tropes and the zombie as a metaphor. You do not need to explain zombies or defend their significance to your reader!

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