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For this assignment, you will be writing creating a power point for your fellow students describing the consequences of plagiarism. Your presentation will include the following:

  • You will describe your plagiarism offense to your fellow students and explain what you’ve learned
  • You will choose two of the following examples of people who have plagiarized and describe their actions, how the plagiarism was discovered or revealed, and the consequences of their actions to support your claim to yourself that plagiarism is not something you should do
    • Kaavya Viswanathan
    • Michael Bolton
    • Jayson Blair
    • Stephen Ambrose
    • Nada Behziz
    • Lloyd Brown
  • You will describe how plagiarism harms students, instructors, institutions, and the people the material is stolen from.
  • You will outline at least six steps your fellow students can take to avoid plagiarism
  • You will provide at least three questions you would expect to hear from the student hearing the presentation and you will provide an answer to each of those questions.

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