please do a movie reflection and response paper in 8 pages

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I attached you the syllabus and the reading that the professor atattched in canvas

so what you need to do is to watch the 4 movies and write reflection and response paper and I attached you also the questions that you will answer for each movie here they are (you will find the in red paper into the document)

  • Movie Response Paper

    Instructions – see syllabus for more details

    For each movie that you watch, you will need to
    type up a two-page (no shorter) paper that covers the sections below in

    papers are not summaries of the movie
    , but they are designed to provide
    evidence that you really watched them and
    about what you were watching.

    In your reflection you should show your critical
    thinking, as well as research and writing skills (go beyond what the professor
    provides/assigns). These are not book reports, they should be college level
    Page 1

    A) What I “learned” from the movie
    (reflection, not a summary):

    was surprised to see this…

    never knew…

    was interesting to see this dynamic…

    B) Questions I had while watching the film:

    These can
    be in bullet points – just try to explain what happened in the movie to make
    you have this question (this character did this/said this, etc…)

    Does this
    really work this way in real life?

    C) Here is what I read to try and answer
    the questions above (follow-up reading):

    These can be links, citations of books and
    articles, other movies/videos, etc..

    This is
    what I learned from reading these…

    Page 2

    Answers to Question Posed by Professor:

    From what I watched
    and read, I would say that…

    Should include some of the readings posted by the professor
    for the movie

    Make connections between movie and real life, readings, etc…

    Put it all together!

    Primary Colors

    What does a
    presidential candidate need to do to successfully win his/her party’s


    War Room

    What factors
    determine whether an incumbent president wins reelection?


    Charlie Wilson’s War

    How do elections
    affect the behavior of members of Congress in office?


    American President

    How can and does the president influence the content of
    legislation in America’s political system (which separates executive and
    legislative power)?


after you did the 4 movies the teacher gave us discussion board about the movies that you watche so you should answer this question in one long paragraph and here is the instructors from the teacher:

  • Discussion boards

Each unit will have a discussion board about the movies being watched in that unit. Students will be expected to contribute their thoughts and reflections with the professor and their classmates. The professor will offer questions on the discussion boards, but they will mostly be student driven about the topics being watched and written about that week. Students will be graded for the following:

  • Provide at least two (2) original posts or beginning of a thread
  • Respond at least twice (2) to a classmates post or thread
  • The quality of the post will be graded. It should not just say, I agree or disagree or something simple like that.
  • The civility of the posts – make sure to be polite and courteous to your classmates and their thoughts and opinions

here is the question:

you just need to answer this question for now:

QUESTION #1 (if you watched any of the movies on presidential primaries Primary Colors or the War Room)

What do you think of the US presidential election process? Do you think it is fair or democratic? You can use the 2016 election as an example. What changes would you make to the primary or general election process? (no right or wrong answers here and you don’t have to have watched those movies to contribute to this thread).

The 2018 midterms are quickly approaching. Feel free to comment on that process as well. California has a very different selection process…do some research and reading!


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