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View the Chapter 19 – Pricing Concepts

Ski Butternut is a ski mountain in the Berkshires dedicated
to offering a great family ski value. In this video, Matt Sawyer discusses the
various ways that Ski Butternut uses pricing to drive new business and local
business to the mountain. He also discusses how correct pricing, with input
from a seasoned and motivated sales team, can help the next year’s business
model through the development of a professional sales training program.

After viewing this company’s video, write an 800 word paper
that addresses the following questions:

  1. How
    do the product, place, and promotion elements of Ski Butternut’s marketing
    mix influence the pricing strategy the company has chosen?
  2. Would
    you expect demand for Ski Butternut lift tickets to be elastic? Why or why
  3. What
    role do the product life cycle, competition, and perceptions of quality
    play in Ski Butternut’s pricing?

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