Respond 2 classmates post for Psych Rehabilitation Course

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Psychiatric Programs

The facility I choose to use is The Rehab Center, which is located in Perry, GA at 733 B Carroll Street. The Rehab Center provide services to all clients that are in need of individual Counseling, anger management groups, employment skills, job readiness, personal and social adjustment services, mental health assessments, substance abuse counseling, parenting groups, job retention, and also have a certified anger management specialist on site. The mission for the Rehab Center is to provide a comprehensive array of services targeted to help families reduce risks, meet needs and ultimately restoring families for life. At the Rehab Center there are several License Counselors and Therapists who assists the clients with their needs. Dr. Otha L Everett who has his EdD, MHP, CRC, and LRC is one of the site owners. He performs counseling, therapy and an array of services to include counseling, rehabilitation services, mental health assessments, and personal and social adjustment services. DR. Everett is also a Pastor and a Professor at The Fort Valley State University where he teach classes for the Rehabilitation and Case Management Program. The Rehab Center is a non-profit organization and is funded by Dr. Everett and his partners.

The qualification to offer the service that Dr. Everett is providing is to have your CRC and MHP which he has both. There are many of challenges when dealing with clients. The most challenging is not being able to completely satisfy the client. The rewards of the job is meeting an array of people and helping them to reach their rehabilitation goals. Several treatment plans are offered. The treatment plans are different and are catered to the client’s needs to include assessments and interventions.

According to Pratt, Gill, Barrett, & Roberts, (2014) several researchers have suggested that partial hospitalization programs and PsyR programs in general are most effective when they are designed to produce a specific outcome for a particular type of service recipient (p.222). When doing my evaluation of The Rehab center the primary purpose of the facility is helping the clients return to a normal life by offering counseling, training, assessment, and being supportive through day treatments. It is possible that people with psychiatric disabilities who visit day centers have previous work experiences that may be seen as resources for their current engagement in day center activities (Ekland & Sandlund, 2016).


Ekland, M., Sandlund, M., Work. 2016, Vol. 53 Issue 2, p377-385. 9p. 2 Charts.

Pratt, C. W., Gill, K.J., Barrett, N. M., & Roberts, M. M. (2014). Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

(3rd ed.) (p. 222). London, UK: Academic Press-Elsevier.


I did a very nice professional interview with a clinician name Chantel at the NorthStar Psychological Services Facility. This facility is located in Marietta, GA. I asked Chantel all the important questions about her facility and this is how she responded:

Me: Who are the clients that are usually seen at your facility?

Chantel: They see a lot of Medicaid patients, mostly children with mental illness and behavioral health disorders.

Me: What are all the services provided at this facility?

Chantel: Psychiatric, Clinical and Psychological

Me: Who are all involved in working with the clients, what they do and how it is funded?

Chantel: The people that are involved with the clients are psychiatrists, psychologists and LCSW or Licensed Clinician Social Workers. Clinicians do individual therapy with the clients while the Psychiatrists, Psychologists do testing and evaluations. The whole facility is government funded.

Me: What is your position Chantel, qualifications, job duties, challenges and rewards?

Chantel: I am a licensed clinician who does individual therapy with clients, mostly children. The rewards are to help the clients and to give them the proper treatment, so they will feel better. The challenges sometimes are making sure the clients keep their appointments and how to comply with the therapy.

Me: What are the treatment plans and if there is a treatment team?

Chantel: Everybody works together and are a complete team here at the facility. Treat plan is drawn up and executed by the clinicians.

In conclusion, I thought the facility is well kept and very organized. They are trying to help these clients get better by providing top of the line therapy to live their lives.

Pratt,C., Gill, K., Barrett, N., Roberts, M. 2014. Psychiatric Rehabilitation (3rd Ed.). Waltham, MA. Academic Press

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