The decision issues surrounding the development and implementation of HR Policies

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Write an essay concerning the development and implementation of an HR Policy at your organization. Your essay is to be no longer than five (5) pages, to include a short introduction paragraph and a short closing summary, and should include the following as topic headings:

  1. What is the purpose of policy?
  2. How does a policy reflect the values, assumptions, beliefs and goals of an organization?
  3. What ethical considerations need to be included in policy development?
  4. Why is it helpful to have a specific framework for creating organizational policies?
  5. What can managers do to ensure that policies are not counterproductive to employee morale and effectiveness?
  6. What are the legal implications of HR policies?

The descriptive part of the assignment should be no more than five (5) pages long, not including the Title Page, Abstract Page and References.

Be sure to use APA format.

Please include a minimum of three (3) references.

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