Two pages reflective paper about my internship at school

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Attached you can find my daily journal for my practicum at school (King Abdullah Academy)

Also, I attached my site project that I am required to do at the school ( just to take a look and have an idea about it)

I worked for 12 weeks and I have one more to finish on Nov 30 but I wrote journal to Nov 10 (10 weeks)

Based on this journal and project, write two pages reflective paper on the practicum experience

The reflective paper should be connected to at least two Educational Leadership Constituent Council standards (ELCC)

Here is the standards for your reference:

The content and experiences inherent in the Practicum in School Administration are aligned with Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) standards to advanced programs in educational leadership. Listed below are the ELCC Standards and elements. Examples of clinical experiences/activities are listed after each standard and set of elements,

Standard 1. Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a district vision of learning supported by the school community.

Examples of Activities:

  • Write a vision statement for a school or district, share it with the central office or with a site-based management team, and demonstrate how stakeholders were involved in the development.
  • Collect, interpret, and analyze school data. The analysis should reflect the candidate’s understanding of the school’s vision and mission statement, the level of involvement and actual contributions to the school community, and recommendations for inclusion in the school or district improvement plan.
  • Conduct a visioning workshop with central office or school staff focusing on ways to promote the success of all students.
  • Develop a professional philosophy or vision statement reflecting his/her personal dispositions, philosophy, and vision of educational leadership
  • Shadow a principal and interview members of a school staff where there is a strong stewardship of a shared vision, then use this knowledge base as well as literature in the field to prepare a paper analyzing how vision is developed, articulated, and implemented.

Standard 2. Candidates who complete this program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by promoting a positive school culture, providing an effective instructional program, applying best practice to student learning, and designing comprehensive professional growth plans for staff.

2.1. Promote Positive School Culture

2.2. Provide Effective Instructional Program

2.3. Apply Best Practice to Student Learning

2.4. Design Comprehensive Professional Growth Plans

Examples of Activities:

  • Analyze student performance measures as identified in a school improvement plan, and make specific recommendations for improvements to the plan.
  • Lead a school or district taskforce that conducts a curriculum audit to demonstrate alignment of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment.
  • Design a standards-based personnel professional development plan and share evidence of implementation.

Standard 3. Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by managing the organization, operations, and resources in a way that promotes a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.

3.1. Manage the Organization

3.2. Manage Operations

3.3. Manage Resources

Examples of Activities:

  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of a school or district instructional improvement plan.
  • Analyze the school/district budget and identify how specific budget allocations support the school improvement plan/district strategic plan.
  • Be an active participant in a simulated disciplinary hearing for an employee.
  • Collect and analyze data related to a school facility and make recommendations for improvement showing their relationship to the school improvement plan.
  • Perform a technology inventory in a school or a district, identify the critical shortages, and recommend areas where technology could be used to improve student learning.

Standard 4. Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by collaborating with families and other community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources.

4.1. Collaborate with Families and Other Community Members

4.2. Respond to Community Interests and Needs

4.3. Mobilize Community Resources

Examples of Activities:

  • Develop and present a plan recommending alignment of social service agency programs with school improvement needs.
  • Identify at least five key community leaders in a school community, justify why each was selected, and identify their roles or potential roles in school improvement. A confidential analysis of this power structure is shared with the superintendent or board of education.
  • Construct a school public relations and marketing program, relating each component to the school improvement plan.
  • Plan and execute a retreat that includes business, civic, religious, medical, and other community agencies and present a plan for integrated community services to benefit all youth in the school or district.
  • Develop a brief memorandum for the superintendent or board of education that explains a complex state or federal law (e.g., IDEA, ADA)

Standard 5. Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by acting with integrity, fairly, and in an ethical manner.

5.1. Acts with Integrity

5.2. Acts Fairly

5.3. Acts Ethically

Examples of Activities:

  • Develop a code of ethics using personal platforms, professional leadership association examples, and a variety of additional source documents focusing on ethics.
  • Conduct a self-analysis of a transcript of a speech delivered to a community organization and look for examples of integrity, fairness, and ethical behavior.
  • Lead a discussion around compliance issues for district, school or professional association code of ethics.
  • Make a speech to a local service organization and articulate and demonstrate the importance of education in a democratic society.
  • Survey constituents regarding their perceptions of his/her modeling the highest standards of conduct, ethical principles, and integrity in decision-making and behaviors.
  • Present an analysis of how he/she promotes teaching and learning that recognizes learning differences, multicultural awareness, gender sensitivity, and appreciation of ethnic diversity.

Standard 6. Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have

the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by understanding,

responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural


6.1. Understand the Larger Context

6.2. Respond to the Larger Context

6.3. Influence the Larger Context

Examples of Activities:

  • Interview state legislators and/or lobbyists and present a report about the state’s strategies used to influence change.
  • Participate in a simulated public debate about the pros and cons of selected international educational practices compared to practices in the United States.
  • Analyze a make a report to the school board or graduate class about the state’s accountability laws.
  • Identify the most frequent legal issues facing a school or district, and develop a report identifying the reasons for these issues, including recommendations for solutions to particular situations.
  • Select a board of education policy, analyze it, and discuss the underpinning upon which its viability and validity are based.

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