Written Assignment: Case Study – Analyzing the Tenerife Disaster

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In 1977, two Boeing 747 aircraft collided on a runway at Tenerife resulting in the deaths of 583 people. The NTSB conducted a thorough investigation of this deadliest accident in aviation history, and many others have published analyses of its possible contributing factors.

This case study requires you to:

Research and summarize the contributing aviation psychology factors such as situational awareness, CRM, hazardous attitudes, communication problems, and any others you identify;

Discuss the incident from the perspective of Reason’s model of accident causation, which considers four levels of failure: organizational influences, unsafe supervision, preconditions for unsafe acts, and the unsafe acts themselves, and; Reflect upon the implications of this incident in terms of how the tragedy could have been avoided using current aviation psychology principles.

Case Study Formatting Requirements

Formatting: Follow APA formatting, including title and reference pages.

Page Requirement: Paper should be a maximum of 7 pages (APA format not including title page, abstract, or reference section).

Citations: Paper should contain at least 4 reputable citations.

References: All references are properly cited.

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