Reading Journal – Things Fall Apart

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Read chapter 1 and 2 from “Things Fall Apart ” with the attached link below. After finish reading, complete 2 journal response to help you with tests in the future. These are questions that need to be filled in as you read the two chapters

Chapter: #

Example of folkloric or Igno Culture (with page number): Example proverb or saying, imagery, symbolism, fable, myth, legend, metaphor or simile. What does this use of the folkloric suggest about Igbo culture? E.g. ceremonies, traditions, beliefs, agriculture, gender roles or cultural artifacts?

Golden Lines(with page number): Paraphrase or record the following for each chapter: a quote about or from a character. A choice or action a character has to make. Another charater’s reaction to this choice or action. One word character trait.

What I thought while I was reading this section:

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