6 page paper regarding reincarnation

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Compose a 6 page paper regarding the topic “is there any real proof of reincarnation” Down below are the requirements

This assignment requires one to defend a carefully delimited position within the context of an issue to the general subject of religion (in this case the topic of is there any real proof of reincarnation). The paper should present two sides of the argument of is reincarnation real. I would like the main position to be that reincarnation cannot be proved to be true.

The first sentence of the essay should begin with ” the purpose of my paper is to prove that…” An effective defense will include:

a) A precise statement of the thesis–i.e., a statement explaining exactly what you aim to reasonably establish;

b) Positive argumentation/ evidence in support of one’s thesis;

c) Argumentation against competing positions;

d) Anticipatory response (counter-argumentation) to possible objections to your thesis.

In the conclusion please summarize everything stated and reinstate my personal point of view which reincarnation cannot be proven true.

Please also include a reference page/bibliography and include at least 5 sources.

Also, please refrain from using grammatical jargon.

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