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Audience and purpose. Consider defining these terms as applied to writing at work. Discuss the importance of these two areas, noting problems that can arise for the writer if the writer does not address these issues early in a writing project. You might consider areas such as age, gender, experience, level of knowledge, etc.

How do you establish and define both of these facets of your writing at work? What happens if one or both is ignored. What is your experience writing or receiving documents that address this well and poorly?

Share any experiences you may have had yourself or those of which you have knowledge.

Do a bit of outside research on this topic. Search the web for credible content on this issue, OR, search the web for examples of when audience and purpose are in either way ignored or not properly addressed. Share those findings in your post (and include the source in MLA OR APA style) and you may also include the direct link to images or content you want to share as part of what you found.

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