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Career Program

this discussion, provide an outline for a comprehensive career
program which includes program planning, organizational needs,
implementation, administrative needs, and criteria for evaluation.

example, if you are currently, or will be, a professional school
counselor, describe how you would set up your comprehensive program.
If you are a mental health counselor, imagine that you have several
clients in need of this service so you are setting up a program to
meet their needs. For any context, be sure to include the materials


Two please: can use this one and one of
your own” I am going for “ Mental Health counselor”

V.G. (2016). Career
counseling: A holistic approach
ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Assignment 2


your final discussion, explain to your peers and your instructor what
you will be taking away from this course. In your post, answer the
following questions:

  • What
    did you learn that surprised you?
  • What
    did you find challenging to understand or grasp?
  • What
    aspects of the course did you enjoy? Which did you not enjoy?
  • What
    would you like to see added to the course for future sessions?

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