Early British Literature

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All the questions are on the attached document

Chaucer describes the Pardoner’s hair as “rat-tails” primarily to

  1. imply moral corruption.
  2. provide comic relief.
  3. suggest the Pardoner’s obsession with current fashions.

In A History of the English Church and People, Ireland’s climate is ________compared to Britain’s climate.

  1. superior
  2. wetter
  3. colder

A characteristic of an epic poem is that

  1. it is a long poem that tells a story about a legendary hero.
  2. it is about terrible monsters and dragons who overcome good.
  3. it is about real events and real people of long ago.

Chaucer calls the Franklin’s girdle “white as morning milk” to

  1. reiterate the Franklin’s obsession with food.
  2. emphasize the Franklin’s personal cleanliness.
  3. symbolize the Franklin’s purity of heart.

How is the perspective of medieval life presented in “Get Up and Bar the Door” different from that presented
in the other ballads?

  1. This ballad expresses a more romantic view of life and love than the other ballads.
  2. This ballad lacks the same sense of humor in addressing medieval attitudes as the other ballads
  3. This ballad presents a humorous and exaggerated look at married life, not a romanticized view of

The story of ________is the first part of “The Seafarer.”

  1. a sailor’s conversion to Christianity
  2. a man’s life on the sea
  3. an exile’s lament for his country

____ 7.

Which of the following events from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight conveys a sense of the supernatural?

  1. The Green Knight challenges King Arthur’s knights.
  2. Sir Gawain arrives at the Green Castle and finds it hideous.
  3. The Green Knight does not die from Sir Gawain’s blow.

“Barbara Allan” laments

  1. Sir John’s murder of Barbara.
  2. that Sir John and Barbara were unable to express their love in life.
  3. Barbara knew what was happening, but Sir John did not.

In The Canterbury Tales, the pilgrim who ran a profitable business selling fake holy relics was the

  1. Merchant.
  2. Pardoner.
  3. Summoner.

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