First/Late Mover Advantage

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Assignment 1 (This is discussion due in 24 hours only need half page)

What do you identify as clear first-mover advantages and late-mover disadvantages to a product being introduced to any African country? When preparing your answer, please identify the African state that you are profiling. To assist you in this endeavor, you may wish to explore one of the following web sites to gather country specific information:

Assignment 2 ( This is due 9/1 11:59 pm) need 3 and half page

The discussion posting this week required you to identify a product introduced in any African country that was subjected to a first mover and late mover advantage. Using that selection of country and product, now prepare a short paper which expands upon the impact of globalization of that product in that country.

Your paper should have a minimum of 3 outside references (one of which may be your textbook). Your paper should be a minimum of 5 to 7 pages and provide a summary of your findings and illustrate the impact of globalization to that African country.

Your paper should follow APA style, be typed using a minimum of 12 inch font, and be double-spaced.

Make sure that you incorporate the terms and concepts from the chapter readings.

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