The Presentation (slides and the narrative words )

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The Presentation is designed to given visual and audio reality to important events, persons and writings covered in the course. The presentations cover the course of the semester and will occur as single or double presentations throughout the semester. Early in the semester each student will select a presentation topic from those listed in the chart below.

The Presentation has two components: a powerpoint presentation to be given to the class and a narrative providing a commentary of the powerpoint. The powerpoint should be 8-10 slides and the narrative 700-750 words. Both the presentation and the narrative are due in draft form to the instructor for feedback.

The powerpoint should include the following sources, listed in order of priority:

  1. Visual and audio primary sources
  2. Printed or electronic primary sources
  3. Printed, electronic secondary sources
  4. Visual and audio primary sources.

There should be at least 8 sources used. To receive consideration for a grade of A, a presentation must have at least 75% of sources from priority 1 and priority 2 categories.

The narrative will be evaluated as a researched essay. It will be judged primarily on organization, writing style, and appropriate documentation.

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