Theatre – Mythological Character

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-Pretend that you are a mythological
god/goddess/demigod/monster/creature, and write about a personal experience
(this will be a biographical event recorded in books about
Greek/Roman/Norse/Hawaiian/Egyptian/Celtic mythology); use at least one
reliable source.

-Paper Requirements:

oMinimum of 300 words; header, heading, title,
and Works Cited page do not count toward the overall word count

oThis paper must be written in first person since
you are becoming this character and telling the story from your point of view.
You may also use contractions in order for the story to read like a creative
writing piece.

oIn-text citations are not required, but a Works
Cited page citation is absolutely necessary.

oThis is a creative assignment; however, your
story should be accurate to the myth on which your story is based.

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