White Shark Power Point Presentation, powerpoint homework help

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For this assignment you will complete a White Shark Power Point presentation.

Collect weight and length data for 8 males and 8 female’s white sharks from ocearch.org

Some data can come from ocearch.org

Include a title

Include key research facts

Include 5 scientific facts from ocearch

Include what research you did and a graph

Summarized conclusion

Use font size and color to emphasize what is important at least two different fonts/colors

Include pictures and graphics

Graphics must have short explanation with them

A good presentation will be concise and easy to understand while being full of information.

PowerPoint should include:

What kind of Research marine biologist use to study sharks

The kinds of tags are used on sharks?

How do they track their movements?

Why is it important to understand where they go?

How does scientist use statistics to understand a species? What did your data tell you?

Are male or female white sharks longer/heaver? What is their average sizes each?

What is the range for male and female length and weight?

What other information can we find out using growth rate and average size?

Why is it important to protect and study shark populations?

What does it mean to be a keynote species?

How do sharks control population of fish?

Why is shark population declining?

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