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Write a poem, minimum of 12 lines that covers one of the theorist’s work that you have learned this semester.

See Example Below:

A World without Morals

(Reference to Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development)

By Catherine Matson

A world without morals is not a place for me.

A valueless society is more of what we see.

The time is now –

To rebuild our sense of morals and values

To educate our youth of today

We see how quick we forget obedience and the basic respect of others

And yet here we strive for individualism with the lack of reciprocity

Our interpersonal relationships grow

But not to increase social order

No, no, only to meet our needs of the day

We are quick to stand up for our individual rights

But ethical principles, abstract reasoning…

Not quite sure how that suits me?

A world without morals is not the place for me.

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