Role of IMC in Brand Adoption

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Write within one page (double space). That should be submitted in

1) Do some research on sugar substitute products (e.g., Splenda, Equal, Truvia, etc)

2) Refer to Figure 3.1 on p42 of your textbook. ( I will give you that pic below)

3) Read this narrative: Sugar-substitute products have been available for many years. The two historically leading brands in this category are Equal (blue package) and Sweet ’N Low (pink package). In recent years, a yellow-packaged product named Splenda claims that it is “made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar.” Then new variants of the sugar substitute product, Truvia (white and green package) laid claim that it was “naturally sweetened.”

4) Submit a write up on: Using Splenda and Truvia as examples, explain the process by which marketing communication variables may (or may not) influence consumers to become part of the awareness, trier, and repeater classes for this brand. You may use Figure 3.1 as a guide.

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