Interview + coding+ theme+interpretation

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Inteviewb some one

You will write a question based on the subject’s “living with,” or “coping with” the

phenomenon under research, and spend several hours (over a 3-day period) interviewing this

person to attempt to make sense of how and why that person is able to live with, cope with these

conditions in his or her life.

/the title of the interview is (coping with graduate school and family obligations).

  • Try to make your an interview (A student who is married and have a children and she is student at grad school).
  • In the interview made stories and problem faced by the student.
  • I will attach one of the interview example. it has only coding
  • I need similar it. Also, I need
  • It has coded which mean like general idea.
  • the coded will be in the comments.
  • after that collect ideas make it as a theme like describes in the books.
  • the theme meaning combine many sentences under one idea.
  • like time management has three sencense in the interview.
  • you will find theme in the book.
  • You should tape the interviews and transcribe and code the
  • At the end of these sessions and by reading relevant materials on the phenomenological.


approach, how were you able to bracket your own feelings, biases, beliefs about the issue? How

did you decide to structure the write up for this interview? What were the consistencies and

inconsistencies of the stories told to you? How did you keep up with the dialogue without asking

leading questions? How did you code these transcriptions? Use the Merriam chapters as a guide

to your own study.

Write 4-5 pages and include your transcribed discussions in an appendix.

  • these re the question
  • I already wrote qestios:
  • Introduction
  • • Tell me about yourself and your background?
  • • Why did you choose America to pursue your higher education?
  • • How many family members in your family?
  • Description
  • 1- How do you describe your experiences to being a graduate student at Howard University?
  • 2- How you manage your responsibilities to be a graduate student and family obligations at one time?
  • 3- How do you feel about the academic expectations in graduate school?
  • 4- What type of assignments do you carry out in your program?
  • 5- How do you describe your experience of family obligation such as cooking, cleaning, take care f children?
  • 7- How do you manage your time between you do your assignments and family obligations?

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