How do you convince, tell,or involve staff about a mandated change?

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You are the manager of a rural health clinic. You have been given a mandate to convert your medical records to electronic health records (EHR). Some of the providers have been at the clinic a long time and are resistant to change, but the records have to be converted. How do you convince, tell, or involve staff about the mandated change?

You will need to develop a plan for implementing the policy change. Also, you will have to train the staff on the utilization of EHR. Your plan should include a detailed strategy for the mandated change and the recommended training. You will need to use a minimum of three peer reviewed journal articles on the efficacy of EHR.

There was no page limit given for the third assignment in MGT 670. However, you need to ensure that you adequately develop a plan for convincing the staff on implementation of the policy change. Your plan should be well thought out and covers the three ways the authors, Liebler and McConnell, discussed regarding how to approach change with employees. Also, your plan should include how to train employees on the policy change. As many of you are aware, change for some employees is difficult. Some people have become accustomed to doing things one way and are resistant to change, even when there is a mandate.

Please remember to use scholarly sources to support your plan and cite your sources in your document, as well as your resource page.

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