10 pages double spaced its already 5 pages double spaced

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I need someone to expand on it and make it longer to turn it into 10 pages double spaced its already 5 pages double spaced

This is the guidelines for the essay.

In this response paper, provide a very brief description of your place’s history – based on your “Place in Time” assignment – and then, by drawing on examples from your data, describe how your relationship with the place changed over time.

You may engage with any of the following questions, as well as with others: What did your field site look like at T1 and how did that change over time? If it did not, then why not? What does it tell you about how you see the place and how you understand yourself? How does time shape your experience of a place? In general, what does your data suggest to you about the relationship between self and society?

This response paper should be at least 5 pages single spaced with 1” margins and written in 12- point Times New Roman font. Please reference at least five readings that we have talked about throughout the quarter in your response. Do not reference lectures.

Please do not manipulate the font or format of your paper. If you are having issues with your paper, then let’s talk. You should also feel free to visit the Undergraduate Writing Center for assistance with your paper (http://wp.ucla.edu/wc/).

Please submit papers via the TurnItIn link on the course website.

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