MKT Question

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We have covered a lot of material this semester. As you reflect back, pick one item that clearly gained your interest. Post to the question and respond to two other post. This will be the last discussion question and is worth 20 points. This class had great participation in discussion questions.

Here are some topics I picked we learned about. They are not all. If you have a different one, you can use it.

  • Back pack simulation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Holland Code/RIASE
  • 25 rules of outlook email etiquette
  • Teamwork/Team building exercises
  • Networking
  • The Science of Persuasion
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Do’s/Don’t of Resume Building
  • Features/Benefits/Advantages
  • How employees ruin a company
  • Employee Engagement
  • Telephone Interview Tips
  • Listening Skills

Here is mine: I really like the Mock Interview. It portrayed real life questions and answers as well as situations one can get in when interviewing. Having good interviewing skills takes practice, practice, practice. I thought the Interviewers/Interviewees did an excellent job. Being prepared for the Interview by research, rehearsal, and practice will allow one to have a great interview. no longer then half page.

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