phrase that gives the sentence correct

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The Cardinal Rules of Grammar and Other Important Writing Points

Review Worksheet

In the four sentences below, circle the correct word or phrase that gives the sentence correct

parallel structure.

  • Justin was excited about inviting friends over, eating a good meal, and ___ .
  • I have always enjoyed reading the book more than _____________________.
  • When the weather outside is cold and ________, I like to be indoors.
  • Running, lifting, and ____________ are three of Ashley’s favorite exercises.
  • Someone (sing, sings) a solo in the talent show.
  • Spaghetti and pizza (is, are) his favorite foods.
  • The senior judge, as well as three junior judges, (is, are) to attend the seminar.
  • There (was, were) a flat tire on the bicycle.
  • Neither Max nor Clara (use, uses) catsup on hamburgers and French fries.
  • The team, including the coach, (host, hosts) the pep rally each spring.
  • Violet, Mia and Devon’s teams (play, plays) well under pressure.
  • His favorite meal (is, are) spaghetti and meatballs.
  • a game of cards.
  • to play cards.
  • playing a game of cards.
  • I watched the movie version.
  • watching the movie.
  • to watch the movie.
  • starting to get windy
  • windy
  • getting windy
  • racquetball
  • a spinning class
  • bicycling

Subject-verb Agreement – Circle the appropriate form of the verb in each sentence.

Reflexive Pronouns – Decide whether these sentences are correct or incorrect. Write correct by the ones that are acceptable; rewrite the others so that they are in standard English.

  • The policeman shot himself accidentally. ________________________________________________________________________
  • They aimed the insult at both herself and others. ________________________________________________________________________
  • Danny and myself will be the lead speakers. ________________________________________________________________________
  • They promised to give shots to theirselves. ________________________________________________________________________
  • I myself should take responsibility. ________________________________________________________________________
  • They don’t trust themselves to do the job right. ________________________________________________________________________
  • He gave hisself a haircut. ________________________________________________________________________
  • The intersection itself is to blame. ________________________________________________________________________
  • Mike had driven quickly, so we arrive on time.
  • I checked my answering machine, but I hear no messages.
  • Troy sharpens his pencils while I passed out the test.
  • When Brian woke up, he goes straight to the shower.
  • Just as Brandi spoke, the microphone turns on.
  • I prefer sugar-free gum, but my cousin liked rock candy.
  • I never studied in elementary school, but I study hard now.
  • Last night, I did not sleep well and now I am suffering the consequences.

Tense Consistency – Check for consistency in the following sentences. Change the secondverb in each sentence to match the earlier verb.





Change the first verb in the sentence so that it will be the same tense as is the second verb. If the sentence is acceptable as it is, write “Correct” on the line.





Homophones and Proofreading

(Why you shouldn’t rely on your computer’s spellchecker)

Computers have made us more aware of homophones because people who rely on spell-check often find themselves fooled as in the paragraph below. As you read this paragraph, circle the

“mistakes” that relate to the fact that spell-check does not distinguish between homophones. Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings. If you find them all, you should have 32 circles (some of these are repeats) on your paper.

Computers are such wonderful inventions. Eye can right a paper and use spellcheck to fix awl my errors. Every thyme eye use spell check it seams to work fine accept when I use won word when I mean another. It seams like there are dozens of perplexing pears. Its knot fare that these errors effect my grade because the teacher nose I rote the wrong word. I will give yew a peace of advice: reed you’re paper closely sew that ewe do knot fowl up two. I wood knot want ewe too bee embarrassed bye yore goofs.

Directions: Fill in the blanks in each sentence with the correct version of the homophones listed

below the blank.

1. ______________ _________________ of pie is that?

Who’s/whose piece/peace

2. I have ____________ new _____________ of shoes.

two/too/to pears/pairs

3. _________________ going to __________ out of town this ___________.

Their/They’re/There be/bee weak/week

4. I ________________ a present ____________ you.

maid/made for/four/fore

5. I ______________ that you _____________ _____________ game yesterday.

heard/herd won/one you’re/your

6. ______________ math worksheet is ______________ tomorrow.

Hour/Our due/dew/do

7. I _______________ the necklace away because _________ broken.

through/threw its/it’s/its’

8. I ____________ the teacher _____________ the paper I ____________.

heard/herd red/read rote/wrote

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