post course reflection

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Post-Course Reflection (100 pts.)

Post-Course Reflection: Writing for Life

At the end of the course, you will complete a final reflection in which you will evaluate the progress you have made to achieve your goals as a writer. Once you have completed this reflection, you will ensure your Portfolio contains all other required elements, and then your portfolio will be ready for peer review.

  1. Review the course learning outcomes (the WPA Outcomes and the Habits of Mind). Also return to and re-read your Pre-Course Reflection, paying close attention to your discussion of which Outcomes you intended to work on throughout the course. Reread also your Post-Project 1 and Post-Project 2 Reflections.
  2. Discuss how your writing changed during the class. What did you learn about writing this semester? How has your view of writing and yourself as a writer changed? How have you achieved the goals you outlined at the beginning of the course? How have you strengthened your understanding of the 2-3 bullet points under each section (of the WPA Outcomes and the Habits of Mind) that you identified at the beginning of the class? Finally, how has your understanding of these outcomes changed? In what ways do you understand the outcomes differently now, and how has that changed the way you view your own writing as well as the process of writing in general? Provide specific examples from the course as evidence to support the learning claims you make. Such evidence might include:
    • excerpts from your rough and final drafts of projects
    • examples from your invention work and discussion board posts
    • feedback from your instructor, writing mentor, and/or peers
    • the aesthetic design and arrangement of the portfolio itself
  1. Next, discuss how you have used the writing skills and practices you have learned in this class in other contexts. Provide at least two examples from writing you have done in other classes or in your personal, professional or civic life and explain how you have drawn on your learning in this class to transferknowledge and compose in these other contexts. Then, reflect on and discuss how you plan to build on the learning in this class and continue to practice, adapt, and transfer your knowledge of writing to new communication situations in the future.
  2. How has the process of reflection in this course helped you grow as a writer? How has creating and composing a multimodal digital portfolio impacted your learning? What new skills and perspectives have you gained from designing and organizing a portfolio, and how have you applied the WPA Outcomes and Habits of Mind to this project?

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