Unit 5 Discussion

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Alcohol Risks

There are many stories recounting the unfortunate results of a guest at a private or public event having too much to drink, driving drunk, and subsequently hitting someone with their car on the way home.

  • What are the risks of having alcohol served at an event?
  • How can one overcome those risks?
  • What are the dram-shop laws and social host laws?

Respond per your Syllabus guidelines.

  • Unit 5 Discussion Topic 2 Discussion Topic UpdatedTask: Reply to this topic Advanced Communications What kinds of advanced communications would you want to send out to guests for an evening corporate picnic dinner event on a large lake for 200 people that include employees and clients? What kinds of instructions would the staff need in order to ensure legal compliance with the service of alcohol? Checklist:
    • Describe advanced communications to corporate guests and clients (200 people to an evening picnic dinner).
    • Provide staff instructions for legal compliance regarding serving alcohol at the picnic event (Remember, do not provide the laws, but rather give staff instructions).
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