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Here is a topic for your final paper. Please concentrate on producing good close
readings and analysis of primary sources. You are encouraged, but not obliged to, draw
upon the critical articles assigned. The essay should have a coherent structure and
original argument supported by specific textual analysis of the film(s). Avoid
unnecessary plot summary and generalization, and the more tightly defined the topic, the
better. The paper is 5 pages long, double-spaced, font 12.

Both Jiang Wen’s In the Heat of the Sun and Zhang Yimou’s To Live attempted to
come to terms with historical trauma during the Cultural Revolution by exploring
individual memories. These two directors differed in and/or shared particular ways in
which they sought to construct the historical reality, thus conveying their distinctive
historical consciousness. Please provide your discussion on this subject matter, and also
consider how individual memories, which could be fragmented and even imagined, help
to build and/or obscure the representations of the past.

the links of two movies are: 1 Jiang Wen’s In the Heat of the Sun:

2 Zhang Yimou’s To Live :

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