Federal Courts and National Security

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Select any one of the following for your original:

  • What effect have the federal courts had the government’s ability to enforce national security? Find a federal court case or news article from the last two months illustrating the effects of the federal courts on terrorism, immigration, or other issues related to national security.
  • The task this week is to discuss how the Supreme Court determines which cases to hear, which cases not to take, and why. Select a recent Supreme Court case from “Recent Decisions” on the Supreme Court website http://www.supremecourt.gov/, and give a brief summary and explain why the Supreme Court accepted it for adjudication.
  • Select any historical Supreme Court decision that had a major impact on the U.S. government, the states, or basic rights of Americans or residents. Provide a brief summary and why that decision was worthy of discussion.

To assist in this assignment, please view the PowerPoint presentation on the Supreme Court process.

Post by 11:55 pm Eastern Time on Friday, and provide substantive replies to your classmates by 11:55 pm Eastern Time on Sunday. Forum responses should be no less than 300-500 words. Replies should be no less than 150+ words. Use proper salutations and good paragraphs.

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A 300-word post and 150-word replies are the minimum requirements to earn a grade of a “C” or higher, but they will not automatically result in an “A” for a grade. Review the rubric that’s linked below for grading criteria before posting.

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