Discussion Post- Reality TV and the Theater

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Within the past few years, Reality TV has become a staple in the
homes of people not just in America but around the world. Many
celebrities have given in to the undeniable effect of Reality TV,
choosing to have their own lives played out in front of the lens. The
term “Reality TV Star” has been coined and is now being uttered on the
lips of millions. However one feels about Reality TV, this wave of
entertainment seems to be here to stay.

While form of low art achieves wild popularity and brings in
significant profits to networks, attendance to Broadway theater
performances is also at an all-time high. Perhaps low art and high art
can thrive simultaneously.

What do you think will be the lasting impact that Reality TV has on
the Humanities and how we see ourselves as humans? Based on what you
learned about the theater (which was not always considered high art) in
this week’s readings, what may be some future similarities and
differences between Reality TV and the theater?

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