Immigration Issues

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Based on the evidence presented, which author of the “Current Debates”—Camarota or Meissner—has the stronger argument regarding the benefits and costs of immigration? Explain why.

  • Support or refute the argument that Hispanic immigrants are not learning English. Given the growing linguistic diversity of the United States, can English be maintained as the primary language? Should Americans have to change their views about bilingualism?
  • Do you think Hispanic immigrants and their children are assimilating or changing American culture, or perhaps a combination of both? Justify your response.

Special Instructions:

Create a 1 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use 1-2 sources in which 1 will be given to you for references. Be sure to utilize in-text citations.

The 2 sources given are; 1. Current Debates: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class- The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change, Seventh Edition by Joseph F. Healey and Eileen O’Brien

2. Healey, J. F. (2015). Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class: The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change, 7th Edition.

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